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Starting with Pre-Season 2018, Runes and Masteries are replaced with a new system called Runes Reforged.[1][2][3]

The system allows players to customize their champion before the start of the game by choosing from a number of Runes, which add or enhance champion abilities and statistics.

The player picks a Keystone Rune and five Secondary Runes that are then combined into a Rune Page. Each Rune has a significant effect, with Keystone Runes being more powerful (see below for a detailed description). The active Rune Page may be changed before each match; pages can be edited freely outside of matches.

It is not possible to enter a match without an active, valid rune page. The game will provide a pre-constructed page for the player if the selected rune page is not valid.


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In his youth, thousands of years ago, Ryze Ryze witnessed the discovery of the first World Rune, as well as many more in the decades that followed. Believed to be a font of The Makers's might, conflict soon erupted over their control. This conflict escalated into the great Rune Wars, which erased Ryze's boyhood village of Khom, Shurima, from reality.

Sobered by the threat of annihilation, Ryze and his mentor manage to convince many of the World Rune's holders into sealing their World Runes beyond the reach of man. But many refused. After the death of his mentor, it fell to Ryze to continue the quest with only an ancient scroll for guidance.

Forward to the present day, the World Runes have begun to emerge once more, and the world has forgotten the price of wielding them.


Summoners may choose two Paths: one Primary and one Secondary. You may not pick the same path twice. There are five paths to choose from:

  • 20px Precision (Improved attacks and sustained damage)
  • 20px Domination (Burst damage and target access)
  • 20px Sorcery (Empowered abilities and resource manipulation)
  • 20px Resolve (Durability and crowd control)
  • 20px Inspiration (Creative tools and rule bending)

The Primary Path has one Keystone slot and 3 Lesser slots, while the the Secondary Path has a choice of 2 of the 3 Lesser slots. Each individual slot provides a unique selection of runes, similar to the branches of the former Mastery trees. You also gain an additional bonus based on the combination of your paths, referred to as a Set Bonus or Trait.


Paths Keystone Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3
Precision Edit
Become a Legend
Press the Attack Press the Attack e Overheal Overheal e Legend: Alacrity Legend: Alacrity e Coup de Grace Coup de Grace e
Lethal Tempo Lethal Tempo e Triumph Triumph e Legend: Tenacity Legend: Tenacity e Cut Down Cut Down e
Fleet Footwork Fleet Footwork e Presence of Mind Presence of Mind e Legend: Bloodline Legend: Bloodline e Last Stand Last Stand e
Trait: Precision Precision e
Domination Edit
Hunt and Eliminate Prey
Electrocute Electrocute e Cheap Shot Cheap Shot e Zombie Ward Zombie Ward e Ravenous Hunter Ravenous Hunter e
Predator Predator e Taste of Blood Taste of Blood e Ghost Poro Ghost Poro e Ingenious Hunter Ingenious Hunter e
Dark Harvest Dark Harvest e Sudden Impact Sudden Impact e Eyeball Collection Eyeball Collection e Relentless Hunter Relentless Hunter e
Trait: Domination Domination e
Sorcery Edit
Unleash Destruction
Summon Aery Summon Aery e Nullifying Orb Nullifying Orb e Transcendence Transcendence e Scorch Scorch e
Arcane Comet Arcane Comet e Manaflow Band Manaflow Band e Celerity Celerity e Waterwalking Waterwalking e
Phase Rush Phase Rush e The Ultimate Hat The Ultimate Hat e Absolute Focus Absolute Focus e Gathering Storm Gathering Storm e
Trait: Sorcery Sorcery e
Resolve Edit
Live Forever
Grasp of the Undying Grasp of the Undying e Unflinching Unflinching e Iron Skin Iron Skin e Overgrowth Overgrowth e
Aftershock Aftershock e Demolish Demolish e Mirror Shell Mirror Shell e Revitalize Revitalize e
Guardian Guardian e Font of Life Font of Life e Conditioning Conditioning e Second Wind Second Wind e
Trait: Resolve Resolve e
Inspiration Edit
Outwit Mere Mortals
Unsealed Spellbook Unsealed Spellbook e Hextech Flashtraption Hextech Flashtraption e Magical Footwear Magical Footwear e Cosmic Insight Cosmic Insight e
Glacial Augment Glacial Augment e Biscuit Delivery Biscuit Delivery e Future's Market Future's Market e Approach Velocity Approach Velocity e
Kleptomancy Kleptomancy e Perfect Timing Perfect Timing e Minion Dematerializer Minion Dematerializer e Celestial Body Celestial Body e
Trait: Inspiration Inspiration e

Set BonusesModifica

File:In-Game Runes.png
The Set Bonus is an additional passive based on the combination of your chosen paths, although not all combinations have distinct effects. The set's Title is currently only used within the in-game client, with the passive being unnamed when viewed within the out-of-game Rune Inventory.
Secondary ► Precision Domination Sorcery Resolve Inspiration
Primary ▼
Precision The Merciless Elite The Brazen Prefect The Eternal Champion The Savant
Domination The Twisted Surgeon The Aether Blade The Immortal Butcher The Wicked Maestro
Sorcery The Incontestable Spellslinger The Calamity The Ancient One The Cryptic
Resolve The Imperious Behemoth The Leviathan The Arcane Colossus The Enlightened Titan
Inspiration The Elegant Duelist The Ruthless Visionary The Stargazer The Timeless

Substitutions Modifica

The following substitutions will automatically be made where applicable:

These substitutions are noted in chat when the game starts.

Rune Pages Modifica

File:Rune pages inventory.jpg
Players cannot begin creating/editing rune pages until summoner level 11, but all accounts have access to 5 Preset Pages from level 1 that cannot be edited. The ability to hide Preset Pages was added in V7.23.

As with the previous system, accounts begin with 2 slots for personalized rune pages and may purchase the convenience of additional pages in the store for RP icon 590 or BE icon 6300. Any Rune Pages the player owned in the previous system were transferred across to the new system, in addition to the compensation received.

In the former system there was a limit of maximum 20 rune pages per account, but this is no longer true. The current limit is 25 Rune Pages as of Patch V7.22. The presets are not counted toward the limit.

Presets and Example

Compensation for legacy Rune purchases Modifica

Note that IP IP and BE icon Blue Essence are being merged into a single currency in Season 2018. [4][5]

Players who bought any legacy Runes or Rune Pages in the retired system receive a compensation according to the following table. This is only relevant for accounts created before the introduction of Runes Reforged in fall 2017.


Rune Pages

  • File:Epic Capsule.png
    15px Mystery Epic Skin for every 4 Rune Pages purchased with RP icon Riot Points (rounded up).
  • BE icon 1500 for Rune Pages purchased with IP Influence Points.

You still keep your Rune Pages in the new system.


Tier-3 Marks, Seals and Glyphs

  • BE icon 100 for purchases before Season 2017.
  • Full Refund for purchases during Season 2017, up to August 31st.

Tier-3 Quints

  • BE icon 300 for purchases before Season 2017.
  • Full Refund for purchases during Season 2017, up to August 31st.

Limited Edition Runes

To spend all that compensation on, there has been a substantial BE icon Blue Essence Sale as part of the End of Season Event.


  • During development, Precision and Sorcery were originally going to be Primary-only. [6]
  • Runes and their surrounding areas have distinct visual appearances similar to Runeterran factions, which may be intentional and reflect the real-world location of the World Runes:
    • 20px Precision - Golden cityscape of 15px Demacia or 20px Shurima
    • 20px Domination - 20px Noxian fortification
    • 20px Sorcery - Mountains of 15px The Freljord, 20px Mount Targon or 18px Icathia
    • 20px Resolve - Riverlands of 15px Demacia, 15px Ionia or 15px southern Freljord
    • 20px Inspiration - Beneath the heavens atop 20px Mount Targon
  • The following statements generalize the changes made to compensate the loss of AD from Marks and Health/Armor from Seals, which were almost unanimously used due to the lack of options (and thus the game has been balanced, for example, around most champions having +9 Armor from Seals). The exact values may vary for specific cases, as Riot also took this opportunity to better distinguish classes (e.g. tanks from non-tanks; ranged from melee), as well as buff/nerf specific champions.
    • AD champions had the base damage on their abilities increased by 5.
      • Ranged AD champions also had their 15px base attack damage increased by 8.
    • Most champions had their 15px base armor increased by 9.
      • Most mages had their 15px base health increased by 12 (+12), instead. Primarily excepting junglers.
      • Melee supports had their 15px base armor increased by 20, instead.
  • Riot has stated that they already have a number of additional runes in the works that will not be finished before the initial release.
    • Players may also see additional paths in the future, although none are currently in development and they would not be added outside of the mid- or pre-season patch.
  • There are 43,740 possible rune combinations, factoring that:
    • There are 20 possible combinations of the 5 Rune Paths.
    • There are 81 possible combinations of primary runes.
    • There are 27 possible combinations of secondary runes.
  • Every rune that gives bonus Adaptive AD or AP, will always grant about 60% of the amount of AP as AD, or about 166.6% of the amount of AD as AP.


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Patch HistoryModifica

Future changes will only be documented on the respective rune's page.

PBE Patch - October 30th
  • Cut Down Cut Down
    • Minimum amplifier increased to 4% from 2%.
    • Maximum amplifier increased to 10% from 8%.
  • Dark Harvest Dark Harvest
    • Bonus damage reduced to 40 /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  / 80 from 60 /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  / 120.
    • Bonus AD ratio increased to 25% from 15%.
    • AP ratio increased to 20% from 10%.
    • Soul essence required to unlock bonus increased to 150 from 100.
    • Soul essence gained from champions reduced to 6 from 8.
    • Soul essence gained from minions reduced to 4 from 5.
  • Summon Aery Summon Aery
    • Editor Note - Clarification: Always deals magic damage.
  • Zombie Ward Zombie Ward
    • Editor Note - Undocumented Feature Discovered: Allied wards that time-out (i.e. aren't killed) also create a Zombie Ward.
PBE Patch - October 27th
  • Dark Harvest Dark Harvest
    • Bonus damage reduced to 60 /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  / 100 from 60 /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  / 120.
    • Champion soul value reduced to 8 from 10.
  • Glacial Augment Glacial Augment
    • Initial ranged slow reduced to 20% from 25%.
    • Initial melee slow increased to 40% from 35%.
    • Per-target cooldown increased to 7 - 4 (based on level) seconds from 6 - 3 (based on level).
  • Ingenious Hunter Ingenious Hunter
    • Base item cooldown reduction increased to 10% from 1%.
  • Iron Skin Iron Skin
    • Empowered armor reduced to 5% from 8%.
  • Mirror Shell Mirror Shell
    • Base magic resistance reduced to 5 from 7.
    • Empowered magic resistance reduced to 5% from 8%.
  • Second Wind Second Wind
    • Base heal reduced to 6 from 10.
PBE Patch - October 26th
  • General
    • The game now auto-substitutes runes if they are not appropriate for the map or your champion.
  • Celerity Celerity
    • Movement speed increased to 4% from 3%.
  • Conditioning Conditioning
    • Armor and magic resistance increased to 8 from 6.
  • Gathering Storm Gathering Storm
    • AD reduced to 4.6 from 5.
  • Iron Skin Iron Skin
    • Armor increased to 5 from 4.
    • Bonus armor increased to 8% from 5%.
    • New Effect: Bonus armor is now also triggered when shielded.
  • Mirror Shell Mirror Shell
    • Magic resistance increased to 7 from 4.
    • Bonus magic resistance increased to 8% from 5%.
    • New Effect: Bonus magic resistance is now also triggered when shielded.
  • Perseverance Perseverance
    • Renamed to Unflinching from Perseverance.
  • Scorch Scorch
    • Damage increased to 30 /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  / 60 from 20 /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  /  / 60.
  • Second Wind Second Wind
    • New Effect: Healing now has a base amount of 10.
Editor Revisions - October 25th
  • Demolish Demolish
    • Previously Unspecified: Stacks fall off one at a time when out of range.
  • Electrocute Electrocute
    • Correction: Damage type is Adaptive, not the scaling.
    • Correction: The effect does not require unique abilities or attacks, rather you're capped at 1 stack per ability or attack.
  • Phase Rush Phase Rush
    • Correction: The effect does not require unique abilities or attacks, rather you're capped at 1 stack per ability or attack.
  • Summon Aery Summon Aery
    • Previously Unspecified: Aery can be picked up early.
PBE Patch - October 24th
  • General
    • Slots are now named per path, e.g. Precision's Slot 2 is now called Quest.
  • Absolute Focus Absolute Focus
    • Bonus attack damage reduced to 24 from 28.
  • Coup de Grace Coup de Grace
    • Damage increased to 10% from 5%.
    • Bonus attack damage reduced to 9 from 15.
  • Eyeball Collection Eyeball Collection
    • Bonus attack damage per eyeball reduced to 0.6 from 0.7.
    • Completed collection bonus attack damage reduced to 6 from 7.
  • Glacial Augment Glacial Augment
    • Removed: Limit on how many enemy champions Freeze Ray can target. Previously 3.
  • Guardian Guardian
    • No longer triggered by right clicking on an ally.
    • New Effect: Guards all nearby allies.
    • New Effect: Guards allies hit by unit-targets abilities.
    • Shield now benefits all Guarded allies when the conditions are met, not just a single ally.
    • New Effect: Affected allies also gain 20% bonus movement speed.
    • The effect now only goes on cooldown when the shield is triggered. No longer goes on reduced cooldown if the shield isn't triggered.
  • Overheal Overheal
    • Maximum shield changed to 10 (+10% maximum health from 30 (+8% maximum health).
  • Summon Aery Summon Aery
    • Shield AD ratio increased to 40% bonus AD from 25% bonus AD.
  • Trait: Domination Trait: Domination
    • Attack damage increased to 11 from 10.8.
  • Trait: Inspiration Trait: Inspiration
    • Domination AP increased to 27 from 21.5.
    • Domination AD increased to 16 from 13.
    • Precision attack speed reduced to 20% from 21.6%.
    • Resolve health reduced to 145 from 216.
    • Sorcery AP reduced to 27 from 30.
    • Sorcery AD reduced to 16 from 18.
  • Trait: Resolve Trait: Resolve
    • Bonus health reduced to 130 from 180.
  • Transcendence Transcendence
    • Bonus attack damage reduced to 1.2 from 1.4.
  • Unsealed Spellbook Unsealed Spellbook
    • Cooldown reduction increased to 30% from 25%.
  • Waterwalking Waterwalking
    • Bonus attack damage reduced to 18 from 21.
PBE Patch - October 18th
PBE Patch - October 16th
  • Aftershock Aftershock
    • Base resistances increased to 20 from 10.
  • Legend: Bloodline Legend: Bloodline
    • Lifesteal per stack increased to 0.8% from 0.6%.
  • Predator Predator
    • AD ratio increased to 40% from 20%.
    • AP ratio reduced to 25% from 30%.
  • Summoner Specialist Summoner Specialist
    • Renamed Unsealed Spellbook.
    • New Effect: You can now swap your spells anywhere, not just at the store.
    • New Effect: If replacing a Summoner Spell that is on cooldown, the newly acquired Summoner Spell is unavailable to cast for a time equal to 50% of the remaining cooldown of spell that is being replaced.
PBE Patch - October 13th
PBE Patch - October 12th
  • Dark Harvest Dark Harvest
    • New Effect: After collecting 100 Soul Essence, the timer to trigger the empowered attack increases to 300 seconds.
    • Editor Note - Correction: Apologies. The tooltip previously listed that the AD or AP ratio was Adaptive, but this was incorrect. Rather, it scales with both and it's actually the Damage Type that is adaptive.
  • Electrocute Electrocute
    • Damage increased to 50-220 from 40-220.
  • Predator Predator
    • Damage increased to 60-180 from 60-140.
    • Channeling is no longer interrupted by minion damage.
    • Activating no longer breaks stealth.
    • Cooldown reduced to 180-120 (based on level) from 180.
  • Presence of Mind Presence of Mind
    • Editor Note - Correction: Apologies. The tooltip previously listed that it reduced mana costs, but this was incorrect. Rather, it refunds mana spent. This is a subtle difference, but prevents abilities from being activated if you do not have sufficient mana to start with.
  • Press the Attack Press the Attack
    • Damage reduced to 30-120 from 30-180.
PBE Patch - October 11th
PBE Patch - October 10th
  • Coup de Grace Coup de Grace
    • Takedown bonus no longer stacks.
    • Takedown bonus increased to 15 from 10.
  • Demolish Demolish
    • Base damage reduced to 125 from 375.
    • Health ratio increased to 30% from 20%.
    • Cooldown reduced to 45 seconds from 60.
  • Fleet Footwork Fleet Footwork
    • New Effect: Healing is only 60% effective versus minions.
  • Iron Skin Iron Skin
    • Armor increased to 4 from 3.
  • Last Stand Last Stand
    • Initial threshold changed to 60% maximum health from 80%.
    • Initial bonus damage increased to 5% from 2%.
  • Lethal Tempo Lethal Tempo
    • Cooldown increased to 10 seconds from 6.
  • Manaflow Band Manaflow Band
    • Mana/energy restoration reduced to 8% from 10%.
  • Mirror Shell Mirror Shell
    • Armor increased to 4 from 3.
  • Nullifying Orb Nullifying Orb
    • Cooldown now begins when the shield triggers instead of when the shield expires.
    • AD ratio changed to 15% bonus from 15% total.
    • Base shield increased to 40-120 from 30-120.
  • Phase Rush Phase Rush
    • Movement speed increased to 20-50% from 15-40%.
  • Presence of Mind Presence of Mind
    • Removed: While below 60% mana, your basic attacks versus champions generate stacks that are converted into 13 / 21 / 29 / 37 / 45 mana on champion takedown or exiting combat.
    • New Effect: Gain 100% reduced mana costs for 5 seconds whenever you score a champion takedown or level up.
  • Press the Attack Press the Attack
    • Removed: Attacks versus champions grant stacking attack damage. While over 3 stacks, deal increased damage.
    • New Effect: Attacks apply stacks. At 3 stacks, the target takes X true damage and takes Y% increased damage from all sources for 6 seconds.
  • Overheal Overheal
    • Conversion rate from allies increased to 300% at all times from 100%-300% based on game time.
  • Scorch Scorch
    • Damage increased to 20-60 from 10-40.
  • Trait: Inspiration Trait: Inspiration
    • Domination ability power increased to 18 from 15.
    • Domination attack damage increased to 16.7 from 10.5.
    • Precision attack speed reduced to 16.8% from 18%.
    • Resolve health reduced to 84 from 105.
    • Sorcery ability power reduced to 18 from 22.5.
    • Sorcery attack damage reduced to 12.6 from 15.
  • Trait: Precision Trait: Precision
    • Attack speed increased to 14% from 12%.
PBE Patch - October 4th
PBE Patch - October 3rd
PBE Patch - October 2nd
PBE Patch - September 29th
PBE Patch - September 28th


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